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Rick Watson
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Rick Watson - Resume (click to see my music site)

My name is Rick Watson. I'm a 40 year veteran of virtually all aspects of the music performance and production business. I started playing piano and organ as a young boy, learned guitar as a natural transition from there, playing the popular music of the time. In the late 60's through the early 70's I got heavily into folk and bluegrass music while learning to play mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and both electric and upright bass. I've managed to keep my chops fairly strong on all of these instruments since that time.

I had my first paying gig in 1973 (the year I graduated high school) playing a piano bar in Lambertville, NJ. Twenty five bucks, tips, and a meal seemed like a great deal to me back then. It also forced me to start singing, which was something I had avoided up until that time. In the mid 70s, while in college, I somehow got my hands on a 4 track reel-to-reel tape recorder. A couple cheap Radio Shack microphones later, I was recording my own songs. Soon after that, once my musical friends discovered that I had a recording setup, I was doing projects for them as well. One thing led to another and I started upgrading equipment. An actual professional mixer and a reverb unit! were nice additions, followed by some better microphones. I was on my way. I actually started getting paying jobs among the musical community in my suburban Philadelphia area.

All the while I continued to expand my performance career, and by the time I graduated from college I was playing in bands, playing solo and in duos, and traveling all over the Mid-Atlantic region chasing after gigs. This combination of traveling and meeting lots of others in the music world allowed me to connect with some of those in the production side of the business and before I knew it, I was living in the New Hampshire seacoast area, having scored my first job in a commercial recording studio. That was 1984 and I've been at it ever since. Over the years I've engineered and produced hundreds of album projects for no-names, big names and everyone in between. I've developed a reputaion (especially in the acoustic world) as an engineer, producer and session musician and this is how I've chosen to make my living since that time. The next chapter involved being introduced to digital video editing software. In no time at all I was hooked on video. For me it was an obvious next step and I've been running with that ever since. In fact, the entirety of my musical performance and production path was a very steady and natural trip. I just followed my muse and it has been very rewarding to say the least.

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