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The $200, Four Instrument, Acoustic Special
Record 3 Songs, Get A Free Video

Pick any four acoustic instruments (not including drums) and let me have at your song. A typical combination might be guitar, piano, bass, and a lead/fill instrument - such as guitar, mandolin, or violin. However, you can be creative and pick whatever you'd like. Maybe a bluegrass song, with banjo, or a blues song with harmonica as one of your choices. Or just let me have a shot at your song and I'll pick the instruments that seem to fit the best. In any case, it's a sweet deal.

This is for folks who are local to our area or willing to come visit us. If you order 3 songs of any production style, you can also get a great looking, HD video of you performing one of your songs. An impressive, professional video is a great way to get your songs attention by posting your video on Youtube and other online video sites. We can also help you to put it on your own website or social network page.

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The affordable way to give you (or your band) the professional audio/video presence it needs to compete.