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WatsonAVE Audio Rates - Per Song

(The Standard Audio Production Rate is $50/hr)

Basic Acoustic Song Production (No Drums) - $200*

(additional instruments, $50 each)

Full Song Production (Includes Drums) - $250**

* Includes rhythm acoustic guitar, bass, piano (or other keyboard), and a lead instrument. This is the basic 4 instrument, acoustic bed.

** Same as above, with drums added.

We use real vintage guitars, bass, and piano. Our keyboard voice selections are high-end Roland models (XV-88 and XP-30). You can make your own choice for a lead instrument, picking from acoustic and electric guitar, Hammond B3 organ, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, accordion, synth horns, flutes, etc, and synth strings. In fact, for the base price, you can request any combination of 4 instruments you like. Or you can trust us to use our experienced judgement to produce your song the way we think works best. Finally, if you wish to add other instruments to the mix, you can request anything you'd like from the list above for another $50 per track.

For more details and explanation about rates and instrumentation, click here.

WatsonAve Video Rates

(The Standard Video Production Rate is $50/hr*)

We are equipped to do on-site (yours or ours) single or multi camera shoots, either syncing to your own prerecorded track or by creating a live multi-track recording along with the video. as long as you can make it to one of our video facilities. In most cases, the client must be in-studio to make the video possible (although we do have some alternative means to create video using your footage).

*Due to the complexity and number of variables surrounding different video productions, we do not offer guarranteed rate quotes for video. However, we do have a couple very specific plans for some of our simpler video productions.

The affordable way to give you (or your band) the professional audio/video presence it needs to compete.