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Rick Watson
~ Watson Audio & Video - Video Samples ~

This collection of various artists at various venues, recorded and videotaped in a diverse number of ways, gives you many examples of different levels of quality and pricing. Since lighting has the greatest effect on video quality, each venue has it's own flavor. However, the common thread with all of these videos is the great sounding audio - and after, all the most important factor in a compelling music video is how it sounds. That is what separates what we do from nearly everyone else in our price range. We are a recording company that does video, rather than a video company that is learning how to do audio. We encourage you to compare the sound of our live music videos with that of our competitors and we think you'll agree that we have the edge, which means we can give you the edge as well.

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The Ride

Jeannie Daniels Band

Rick Watson

All Together Now

Jim MacDougall

Carol Coronis

Nice & Naughty

The Old School Band

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