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Rick Watson
As you've already learned if you've gotten to this point, Watson Audio & Video is a multi-faceted audio/video recording facility. We can do projects of any size or scale. However, we specialize in helping the beginning singer/songwriter to create highly professional productions of their songs, at an amazingly affordable price. The reason we can offer such quality as such a low price is that we have streamlined the operation to include just myself and a few other musical pros who work together in a very systematic and efficient way.

I am not only an experienced recording engineer, I'm also a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has produced hundreds of albums over the last 30 years including several of my own. As a result, I am fast and effective in the studio on any of several instruments and on those instruments that I may not be able to cover, I have a small crew of highly skilled musicians who fill those voids. Everyone involved is equipped with compatible gear and software. We exchange files via the internet and after laying out parts down, we send the new tracks back to the originator where they are put into place. By using one of 100s of different recording/mix templates in my DAW (digital audio workstation), very often, by the time the tracks are in place, they are nearly mixed - already having EQ, compression, and effects applied as they are laid down. As a result, we work fast and the sounds are great and consistent from song to song. However, most importantly, since we have a good idea of how long these projects take us and since you are not paying lots of extra studio musicians, along with an engineer and high studio rates, we are willing to guarantee the price per song.

The standard 4 instrument production will cost you $200. Add drums, it's a little more. However, that price would not buy you 2 studio musicians in the typical recording environment. At Watson Audio & Video, that is the total price! Please watch my video to see an example of me creating one of my own songs and maybe this will help you understand our unique, quick and easy approach to producing your songs.